Gift Cards

Often times our students go on field trips or some may have needs that need met at home. These are great times to use gift cards. In the past we have used McDonalds, Target, Sam's Club, and Walmart gift cards for supplies, food, and parents who need some extra assistance. 

If you desire to provide gift cards to Tiqvah, please provide them in increments of $25 or more so they can cover complete costs when used. Stores we currently need include: Sam's Club, Fast Food, Target, Grocery Stores (Giant Eagle or Walmart). 


On our "get involved" page you will find the option to prepare a meal for Tiqvah. This is a great way to give us something so needed. If you are looking to donate food items without necessarily preparing it, please follow the same procedure as you would to provide a meal. Our site director will contact you with our most recent food needs. This will prevent you from giving items we may already have or acquired through other generous donations.



School supplies are fun to buy! Donation of school items, especially at the beginning of the school year, used to be so helpful! Many of our students do not have the resources to get their own. However, in recent years, MANY of the Canton City Schools now have programs that donate a FULL back pack to students at open house. How great is that! So many of our students benefit from this that we have taken to only providing as needed. 

Want to help? Refer to our gift card list and provide those. Gift cards allow us to meet needs as they arise without having to store an abundance of supplies that may or may not get used.