Fun For Final Days by Karla Dennis

……and just like that, the year is over! It was a year full of connections, joys, challenges, and even a baptism. A year of laughter as well as tears. But we are all stronger for sharing this year together.

A whole classroom full of kiddos I had when they were in 1st grade are now graduating elementary school and talking about their choices for middle school.  I feel so honored and blessed to have witnessed this amazing group of young men and women grow.  I have learned a lot from them; about friendship, tolerance and loyalty.  I have no doubt these young leaders will find success in their next chapter, and I look forward to experiencing further growth with them in their middle school program here at Tiqvah.  This group has a hold of my heart in a very special way.  

The last week of programming is always a little bitter-sweet.  We plan a lot of fun & special activities to end the year off with a bang.  This year was no exception. There were bounce houses, parks , Laser Tag, Dairy Queen and Cici’s Pizza. The kid’s exhausted smiles on the van rides home each night were so satisfying!

We now gear up for our summer program.  We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:45-2:45.  We always look forward to Summer Tiqvah as it is a more relaxed, fun and adventurous environment. Usually there is a lot of water involved! Snack or lunch donations for the summer are always appreciated! Please click below if you would like to donate some granola bars or make us some sandwiches!