Family Time

There are certain times of day in the life of a family that are meant for connection. These times prove helpful to keep tabs on all that is going on in the lives of each family member. They allow opportunities to challenge, celebrate, and empower each other which refreshes and encourages the soul. We at Tiqvah value and cherish such opportunities as well. This is why twice a year we host a “Tiqvah Family Dinner”. They are usually around natural times of celebration (Christmas and the end of the school year) and provide a chance for us to celebrate alongside our students and their families.

Walking into this event you will hear warm greetings, see friendly hugs, and smell delicious food. Our kids flag down parents, aunts, uncles, and friends to come sit with them at their table and begin sharing their excitement for the evening ahead. Our enrichment groups perform or share as family members arrive. Thursday we got to hear our bucket drummers, watch our dancers and performing arts groups, and laugh with our Jr High Boys as they served as hosts for the evening. Each student had earlier been awarded their very own superlative award chosen by our staff that highlights their individual strengths seen throughout the year. They get a chance to show their family what they received and watch as our staff are awarded theirs as well.

This year we were thrilled to honor Ms. Ashley and Ms. Karla for five years of employment at Tiqvah. It was a special moment to watch one of our jr. high boys, Cavaris, escort Ms. Karla to the stage. She had him as a second grader in her very first class at Tiqvah. What an honor to be able to watch our students grow up before our very eyes.

There is a special group of people invited to these events every year. Our student sponsors get to watch and celebrate with us and are invested in the lives of our students as well. You too could join in the fun and see our students grow! Click below for more information on becoming a child sponsor and receive your invitation to our Tiqvah Family Dinners. It is an experience you don’t want to miss!