Artwork in Process

If you have ever done artwork of any kind, you know that it is not just one swift motion or stroke that creates a masterpiece. Oftentimes, it takes many different colors, tools, and textures to make the final work complete. It was once said, children are a blank canvas and that it is up to us to add to their finished masterpiece. No one person can complete the work, rather, many will aid in the child’s masterpiece creation. We are honored and privileged to be partnering not only with the families of the children we serve but also their teachers in helping them grow and develop before our very eyes.

This teacher appreciation week our staff sat down to reflect on our partnership with the schools. Here is what they had to say:

“The teachers are so welcoming to us when we go in to volunteer. We especially appreciate the admin (principals, secretary, community workers, guidance counselors, intervention specialists) sharing and truly partnering with us. Together we are a much stronger team and better able to advocate for the children.  The communication we share is priceless.  We truly feel as though we are working together.”

You don’t have to be around our staff long to see this partnership in action. Whether it is a phone call from an administrator to update us on a student’s progress, a note from a teacher in a backpack that helps our staff aid the student in their work, or even the requests to enroll more students; the partnership with the school is evident in all we do. Thank you teachers! We hope and pray your week has been uplifting. Know how truly valued you are and what an amazing work you do.