Mixing it up! by Karla Dennis

We have always been curious at Tiqvah of what mixed-age classrooms would look like for us, so we decided to give it a try for the remainder of the year.  In my last blog I spoke of big changes the staff were working on over spring break - this was it!  We re-vamped, re-assigned, re-created and hit reset.

Knowing that such a transition could be hard for the kids, we knew it had to be fun! So we introduced our tradition of the “Tiqvah Olympics” early this year.  In recent years we have had the Olympics the last week of programming, but when the kids got off of their busses after spring break, they were greeted with a dance party and special snacks.  We then pulled names from a hat to create the 4 teams for the games. These teams that were created became their new classrooms.  We rearranged our schedule a bit as well.  We now have a Tiqvah Olympic competition most days.  We have found that coming together for an organized game is a great stress reliever and a lot of fun! The kids are in the midst of testing at school (high stress levels!) so the timing could not be better!

The core message of our Tiqvah Olympics has always been “I’m Third” (God first, others second, I’m third) and it is no different this year. Points are given to teams for “I’m Third” behavior as well as for the competitions.

In other news; We had our Bumble Bee Field Trip yesterday for those students who give their absolute best academically. Bowling and pizza for those classroom warriors!  I am pleased to say that we had a record high number of students qualify this time!  Great job!! 

We are in the final stretch!  Staff are prepared to finish off the year strong and we are looking forward to the more relaxed days of summer programming. Stay tuned for Summer Tiqvah news!