Tiqvah Fun by Karla Dennis

It has been a minute since I’ve had the opportunity to share a bit about our day to day.  It has been busy at Tiqvah!  Preparing for our #Eveningofhope is always fun, exciting and a bit hectic! The kids love performing and they do such an amazing job!  So grateful for the folks who put in endless hours helping them prepare for the big night. We are so blessed at Tiqvah to have some pretty special folks pour their talents into our kids, and we get to watch them blossom!  Knowing their enrichment leaders truly love them and want to see them succeed is the boost they need to shine brightly with confidence.

Spring and warmer weather means lots of running and playing outside again!  We have discovered that Mr. Ryan is a boss at jump-rope, that Timara can do more back-to-back cartwheels than Mr. Brian, and that we have some girls that are great gymnasts! Playing outside has been such a great way to relieve stress and bring back more smiles. But spring also brings with it testing season which can mean anxiety and frustration for some. Some of our staff are spending extra time on weekends with children tutoring and helping them prepare and feel confident. I am so humbled when staff ask if they can meet a child on a Saturday to study with him or her.  This happens fairly often and each time I look to God and thank Him for placing these selfless staff and interns in the lives of our children. 

As I write this we are entering into spring break…..that doesn’t mean we won’t be working! We have big plans for our kiddos when they return after a week off!  Staff will be busy all week training, re-arranging and preparing a little surprise. You’ll hear and see more soon.  Stay tuned….

Also, when we get back from spring break we have our spring Clothing Boutique!  This is an amazing event that Teri Dillon and her team of Angels put on for us twice each year.  The children and their families will get to “shop” for next-to-new clothing, shoes, etc and take home as much as they can carry.  The boutique is April 4th, if you would like to volunteer to help set up, clean up or help the kids shop, please email me at karla.dennis@tiqvah.org.  Thank you!

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