Evening of Hope 2019 by Rebecca Wolfe and Lesley Doan

Relationships. That was the theme for the Evening of Hope which was celebrated over the weekend on March 9, 2019 at the McKinley Grand Hotel.

The room was filled with many new and familiar faces and the energy was palpable. Markus McFolling stood in as the MC for the night and brought high energy to the stage as he introduced guest speakers, staff and students of Tiqvah.

Karla Dennis took the stage to give a very heartwarming speech of how the staff all work together toward one goal- impacting each life at Tiqvah in a positive way. She introduced each staff member and explained their roles and explained what Tiqvah is like. She explained a little about what the enrollment process is like and also the training that the staff goes through to keep up with demands of students with trauma. She shared how Tiqvah is so much more than “just and after school program.”

Karla and the staff at Tiqvah have huge hearts. They are willing to go above and beyond to touch each child’s life individually.  

The students performed bucket drumming, a dance performance, a musical performance (remix)  of “Go Tell It on The Mountain” with the help of Kelly Williams, and an original number led by the Jr. High boys which the audience loved. Each performance was greeted with a standing ovation from all of the guests in attendance at the Evening of Hope.

There were so many great highlights to the night, but the artwork that was being auctioned at the event this year was stunning. The kids put in so much effort and time into the pieces and it went over very well.

Anne Graffice, the Vice President of Development and Strategic Adventures for the Pro Football Hall of Fame was the keynote speaker for the night and spoke on community growth and relationships in Canton. Graffice spent some time at Tiqvah earlier this year and said that she was in awe of the relationship building happening at Tiqvah and mentioned about how what we are doing is so needed.

Executive Director, Lesley Doan took the stage and dug deep into the growth we experienced from last year’s event. Last year, the goal was to hit $40,000 which would help Tiqvah add needed staff and additional support and Doan noted that this goal was met and exceeded. She then proceeded to go into the growth that is needed urgently now at Tiqvah.

Tiqvah is looking to expand vertically as our kids are getting older. Doan said, “We need to build a senior high program and strengthen our current junior high program to pour more into these kids. We don’t want to serve grades 1-8… we want to serve grades 1-12. Your donations this evening will go toward strengthening our current junior high program (which is currently only 2 days a week) and building a senior high program.”

McFolling took the stage again and asked for the help of the room to make this big goal happen. At Tiqvah, we know that one caring adult can change the outlook on a child’s life and help them flourish.  


This was a special night as we celebrated Tiqvah turning 10 years old.

Ten years of impacting children’s lives - mind, body and soul.  

Ten years of adding caring staff to make this happen.  

Ten years of growth, prayer, struggle and triumph.

We have seen God move in so many ways and this night was one of the ways God moved.  He brought in almost 200 people to this year’s event and there was a lot of interest on how to get involved.

If you were not able to make it, but you would still like to donate, you can donate here.  

If you would like to volunteer, our next volunteer training is Sunday, March 17th from 2:30-4p at Tiqvah.

Also, as part of the celebration, we created a photo book that is for sale for $35.  If you would like to purchase one please contact Lesley Doan via email at lesley.doan@tiqvah.org or by phone at (330) 353-9697.

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