Relationships Matter: The Jones Family

As we continue to feature members of our Tiqvah family to celebrate 10 years of impact, today’s focus is on another one of our mom’s who’s children have been in our program for many years. Denise has five students, four of whom have been in programming with us. Over the years we have enjoyed getting to know each student and their wonderful individual personalities, as well as Denise and her fun loving spirit. She can often be found at our parent group, helping at our clothing boutique, or even occasionally popping in the office. Rather than give you our perspective, we asked Denise to share a little bit about why Tiqvah is an ongoing part of her family life.

What drew you to Tiqvah?

I heard about Tiqvah through Canton City Schools

What has kept you involved?

The main thing that has kept us involved with the program is my children and the growth I’ve seen in them in the program.

What impact has Tiqvah had on you and your family?

Tiqvah has shown my family the meaning of value. The program has taught different skills, like dance, working as a team, and most of all relationships.

In what ways is your family different because of Tiqvah?

My family has grown at school and home from what they have learned at Tiqvah.

There is nothing quite as wonderful as hearing from our families they feel valued and respected. As much as we are here to serve our community, it often works out that we are served in return. It is a daily encouragement to our staff and volunteers to see families reciprocate the investment we pour out. To have Denise and her kids involved in every aspect of our program and supporting our staff is absolutely our purpose being played out in real time. Programming is great but life change is the goal. Relationships that produce a lasting impact is something that cannot be done overnight or without a two way investment. We are thankful for our families like The Jones family and SO many more. They are finding and demonstrating abundant life with Tiqvah.

Michelle HumbleComment