Relationships Matter: Shirlina Kelly

There is something so enjoyable about revisiting old photos. Attached to each photo is always a precious memory or story. As we were brainstorming students or families to highlight as we lead up to our annual benefit, this family instantly came to mind as did this lovely photo we took of them some five years ago. 


Shirlina is a mom of five children; Avion, Karief, Nasier, Cavaris, and Savvyia. Her oldest Avion, joined our program back when we were still in the SE Community Center. As her children grew old enough they entered our program one after the other. We have gotten to watch as her boys have competed in football and basketball games, season after season. We have been able to celebrate academic achievements of all kinds. There have been birthday cakes delivered to programming and milestones recognized. Time has allowed us to see such growth in this beautiful family as they become young adults. 

Something wonderful is that our relationship with them is mutually rewarding. There has rarely been an occasion where a family member or three are not offering their help or participation to make something go easier. Whether it is Avion setting up and tearing down tables with Ms. Teri at our clothing boutiques, Shirlina and any available children helping with dishes after dinner, or her volunteering to iron shirts for our spring benefit; this family gives back in such incredible ways as so many of our families do. Our founder, Sarah Kropf, says “Shirlina is a giver and she is teaching her children to be likewise.” It has been an honor to get to know them and to continue to celebrate with them as they dream about their future. This is what abundant life looks like. Sharing the good, the hard, and everything in between with one another and supporting each other through it. Thank you Shirlina for always being a supporter and family member with us at Tiqvah. Thanks for finding abundant life with us. 

Michelle HumbleComment