Relationships Matter: Ashley Moore-Dunson

As we get nearer to our annual benefit, Evening of Hope, we wanted to share some inspiring stories of impact. Tiqvah is celebrating ten years of serving our community. A decade is a long time no matter how you slice it. For many of us, it may feel like a blink of an eye. The songs and trends that felt new and fresh to us, are beginning to become vintage or retro. It seems hard to imagine that the students we began serving as first graders are now in high school or in some cases preparing for college! Reflecting on this last decade as an organization has brought to light relationships that have developed both new and old. Join us as we begin to highlight those and celebrate them with you in preparation for the BIG celebration in March.

Our first relational highlight is none other than our very own staff member of five years, Ashley Moore-Dunson. When Ashley was brought on as a college student in the capacity of team leader we were excited to have her energy, creativity, and youthful spirit. She brought new ideas and an eagerness to learn. What we didn’t know we were getting was someone who would pour her whole self, not just into her work, but into others. She lives and breathes to see God move in the hearts of her students, fellow staff, and volunteers. The relationships she has developed over the years have yielded not just students who are successful in school, but students who are confident and secure because of the trust and love she provides in her room. But rather than hear my take, we had Ashley answer a few questions to reveal clearly what her time with us has looked like.

  1. What made you choose to work at Tiqvah?

    “I was very happy working as a youth director for a church just outside of Akron when Stephanie Lawrence (a previous staff member) told me about this organization that sounded perfect for me. I wasn’t looking to change things up, but I knew I needed to check it out. What I found was just what Stephanie said. It was an organization that was a perfect fit. I have always worked with children, even when I was a child myself, and through the years I discovered my personal mission, which is to release children into childhood through learning, discovery, and play. Tiqvah does that by impacting children- body, mind, and soul.  It was and has been a perfect fit.”

  2. What kept you involved?

    “That’s easy, the children. Tiqvah is all about the children. We have the pleasure of getting to know them in all of their environments; school, Tiqvah, home, and extracurricular activities. It’s not just about having them come to us, but we get to go to them. We get to live life with them as they grow, learn, and discover. We get to cry with them and laugh with them, be silly with them and be serious with them. And that extends to the whole family, not just the child that graces our building.

  3. What is the biggest difference you feel you are able to make at Tiqvah?

    “I get to be on mission with God, sharing His love with them. Yes, we make a differences all the time. I wish I could record on camera all of the ways our staff and volunteers make a difference in the lives of our children. However, I believe that the biggest difference being made is an eternal difference. We are, by the grace of God, able to share His eternal love for them, the identity offered in Him, and life that is promised now and later. A life not filled with ease, but filled with love, purpose, acceptance, guidance, grace, and so much more.”

  4. What impact had Tiqvah made on you?

    “Humility, love, and grace. I still have a long road ahead of me, but Tiqvah continues to teach me about those three things.'“

Thank you to Ashley for her beautiful reflection and thoughtful insights! We hope that as you read along, you could clearly see and feel the impact one life can have on another, or many others as the case may be. I love how Ashley pointed out the eternal difference we strive to make at Tiqvah. Tiqvah, after all, means hope. Our staff, students, volunteers, and families find abundant life with us at Tiqvah.

Join us March 9th to hear and see more of what Ashley so beautifully alluded to in this post. To reserve your spot or get involved, click below.

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