Joyfully Stretching Our Reach by Karla Dennis

Here we are one month in already!  The classes are full, the schedule is full and the staff’s hearts are full!  Adding a classroom and one more day of programming has stretched us in many ways. I believe we may have growing pains, as my sister describes it.  Finding the room for dance and bucket drumming, maneuvering the delicate dance of getting everyone home in the vans, serving 70 meals a night!!  All such beautiful challenges! I have had to get used to the noise level at dinner. I admit I thought it was just a bit too loud at first. However, every night when I look around, I see kids helping one another, playing together as they clean up their tables, hugging and singing goodbyes….. I see family. I now realize the noise is necessary and beautiful.

We have 97% of the kids from last year!  We also have added quite a few new faces and they have become members of our family in no time! It is such a joy to watch new friendships form. We also have new staff this year who are already operating as a team and I could not be more satisfied and pleased! It is a joy watching these team leaders work as I travel throughout the building; checking on this detail, taking this child to get a band-aid, stopping to bust a dance move with this child, leading this child to some quiet time…..  each classroom has their own distinct style with each team leader representing Tiqvah with such love, grace and patience.  We have been blessed with the best of the best! 

I am grateful for the support of our hosts, Christ Presbyterian Church, as they share our vision and strive to fill our every need.  They have found us rooms in the church we never knew existed! Through their support we are comfortable and safe.

I am grateful for the many volunteers and behind-the-scenes supporters who are unwavering in their dedication; to me personally and to me as site director. I love the vision they all share with me. These growing pains don’t stand a chance against God and His faithful servants! Offering Tiqvah to more families for more days is truly a blessing. If you want to come see how it is all possible, don’t forget to visit us during our open house October 10th from 4:30-6:30p.

Michelle HumbleComment