Plus One by Michelle Humble

Before finding my fabulous husband, receiving an invitation to a wedding always came with a plus one. Finding a willing soul to come and endure the wedding food, slow dances, and usually numerous family members with probing questions was always a tough task. As we plan our upcoming open house we have a challenge for all of our friends. We are challenging you to bring a plus one.

Unlike my previous experience, there won’t be awkward social situations for them to endure or embarrassing family stories. You and your friend will be experiencing the joy of seeing impact in action. You will get to witness the beauty of mentorship in person and the excitement of programming. There will be light refreshments, a cheerful tour guide, and other folks like yourselves who are there to enjoy the experience. You may even make NEW friends who, like you, are learning all about programs that are happening in their community.

Here are some exciting side effects to bringing a friend to our open house.

  1. Someone who has NEVER heard of our program will get to meet us.

  2. You will be given an opportunity to take your next steps of involvement with Tiqvah by getting someone else involved and in love with our program.

  3. Our team leaders, staff, and volunteers will feel the excitement of support as many people come to see the work they do.

  4. You and your friend will have a mutual shared experience that bonds you together and adds depth to your relationship.

  5. You and your friend will discover ways to serve, pray, and/or give together.

Prayerfully consider our plus one challenge as you mark your calendar for October 10th, 4:30-6:30p. Visit our facebook page (link at the bottom of this site) to RSVP to the open house and invite everyone on your friend list. We hope to see you and your plus one there!

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