The Final Countdown by Karla Dennis

Final countdown to kiddos!!  To-do lists are just about all checked off, classrooms are in order….now we wait for the excitement, laughter and crazy that comes with that first bus that pulls up. The first day is one of my favorites all year.  The excitement that we have built up on our side as we have prepared all summer for this day, is uncontainable!  We have prayed and we have prepared - now it’s time to go live! 

This school year looks quite different for us and we couldn’t be more pleased! We have added a class and also have added a day each for the jr. high girls and the jr. high boys; they will each now have 2 afternoons a week. What a joy to be able to offer these extra days. 

We have new staff as well!  As the site director, the process of interviewing and hiring new staff can make me anxious as I hope and pray for the right fit.  God did not disappoint!  I am so excited to introduce to you our line-up of staff. We have Miss Brittany in the kitchen keeping us well fed. Miss Mariah is official now in the 1st/2nd grade classroom (we all know Miss Mariah as she has been a volunteer for a few years). Miss Ariel will be keeping our 3rd graders busy and loved. Miss Ashley is returning for her 5th year with Tiqvah with 4th graders this year! Miss Netta can’t wait to meet her 5th graders.  Mr Chad returns for his second year with our jr. high boys. Miss Kim is excited to work with our jr. high girls.  

We have spent hours and hours in trainings and out in the community this summer preparing for this first day and beyond.  We are so very blessed to have our friends from Encompass Christian Counseling offer us another Trauma and Attachment training. The information they share and the partnership we enjoy with them is priceless.  We are claiming Trauma Informed Care Site this year; this has been a long time coming and we could not have gotten here without their help and guidance. When the Encompass counselors first introduced the concept of being Trauma Informed a few years back, the implementation of practices and a suitable structure is something I have been very passionate about since. I am very proud of these staff members and the way they have all embraced it with me.  

I ask for your prayers as we enter into another year serving the children.  We ask for endless patience and boundless love, for wisdom and discernment and for hallways full of laughter and kindness.

2018-2019 Tiqvah Staff (left to right) Chad, Ariel, Mariah, Karla, Kim, Ashley, Netta, Brittany

2018-2019 Tiqvah Staff (left to right) Chad, Ariel, Mariah, Karla, Kim, Ashley, Netta, Brittany

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