A Heart Full by Karla Dennis

Getting ready for the new school year equals endless “To Do” lists.  Seems for every item I cross off I think of two more to take it's place!  Will we ever be ready??  Just when I was beginning to feel overwhelmed, some Angels stopped by with mountains of school supplies and book bags. They then spent a few quick hours stuffing the bags with the appropriate supplies for each grade for our kids.  Now, I am overwhelmed in such a joyful way - what these full book bags represent is priceless.  

I have now spent three afternoons (with a new staff member or two) visiting each family's home.  I take a grade appropriate book bag for each child and sit on the porch with mom as she fills out our paperwork to enroll at Tiqvah this year. It may just sound like 30 minutes to you, but this time is so precious.  The kids faces when I hand them a new (HEAVY) book bag will never be forgotten and the relationships formed and strengthened while filling out paperwork are so special. My spirit has been renewed and my heart is full of gratitude for the families allowing us into their lives and for our Angels that supplied the book bags.  My “To Do” list is now met with a happy, willing, and excited heart! 

As excited as I am, I am also aware that without the help of generous people, we can not do what we do. As the school year approaches, these areas of need have come to my attention.  One such need is for van drivers. We have three vans that we use to take a good percent of our kiddos home at the end of the evening.  We have some very faithful folks blessing us again this year as drivers, but since we have added a day of programming, we are in need of more gentlemen.  The time commitment is one hour a week, (7:00-8:00pm) any day - Monday through Thursday.  

We also are always in need of snacks (chips, granola bars, fresh fruit, etc), toothbrushes and toothpaste.  We go through these items at record speed!!

Lastly, I have a secret Blessings Box that holds gift cards to grocery stores, gas stations, fast food stores, and the like. This box allows me to bless a family from time to time when I hear of a need and it is getting low. The gift cards are most appropriate at $10.00- $50.00 amounts.

If driving, bringing snacks, or donating gift cards are ways you would be willing to get involved, click the button below to let us know. 

All of these areas of need are opportunities for you, our friends and supporters, to take your next step in involvement with us. They are ways for you to be part of the excitement. You can contribute to the fullness our families and students feel when their needs are met, they are loved, and shown how valuable they are. Join us! Click below to let us know how you will be getting involved this school year. 

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