Purposeful Summer by Karla Dennis

I can’t believe we have only one more week of summer programming! Is it possible that school starts up again in just a few short weeks??  We have certainly made the best of our time with our kids.  Although we are still quite structured in the summer as our kids (and us adults too!) thrive best with that, we serve fewer kids which allows for an impressive student/adult ratio.  We are able to really give that one on one time every child desires and deserves. Another thing we notice is the difference it makes to spend the “good hours of the day” with the kids.  We usually see them after 6 hours of school, they come to us often times tired, hungry, frustrated, etc. and we do our best to turn that around for them.  But in the summer….well, it’s summer!!  Need I say more?  

Ask any of our summer staff what they like best about summer Tiqvah, and I am betting they would say the opportunity to deepen the relationship with each child. The relaxed atmosphere and lower numbers provide the perfect atmosphere to go deeper, to learn more and to share more. We have learned new and exciting things about each child these two months, which translates to our ability to better serve them in the fall.  This is true with our seasoned volunteers as well.  We are so blessed with some really awesome, faithful folks that show up for our kids!  They are there for them every season, challenging themselves to go even deeper. It is what we call a real win-win!

This summer we also had a number of high school students volunteer with us; all exceptional young men and women.  These young people have blessed us in countless ways.  The relationships they have built in such a short time, the unconditional love I see them display and the way the kids respond to these “almost adults” is priceless.

We will cherish this next and last week of summer programming, then we switch gears as we prepare for the new school year.  The excitement that brings is a complete force of its’ own! Although a little time off is always important; to refresh and re-energize, but truthfully - at Tiqvah - we can’t wait for school to start so we can get back at it!

Michelle HumbleComment