Gathering of Heroes

Most super hero stories have lots of action, adventure, and drama. Inevitably there are many forces attempting to thwart the mission of said hero. This year at our annual Run4Kids 5K our heroes had little to no resistance in their mission. We had over 150 runners; or heroes rather, come out and compete. As they raced along the course we had so many of our friends line the course to cheer them on. Their mission was not simply a run, but to help us raise awareness and funds to support our mission of impacting children's lives - body, mind and soul. 

In attendance were some of our very own students and their team leaders. When it comes to heroism, our staff and students are some of the strongest out there. It was a treat to watch as our kids prepared themselves for the run, hyped one another up, and leaned on the leadership of our team leaders and site director for encouragement. In the final stretch, one of our jr. high boys was just about to be passed by one of our team leaders. As we cheered them on, the student pushed through and pulled ahead solidly. They celebrated together at the finish and we all got a good laugh at the close call. The display of the impact a solid relationship can have in a student's life and how it yields perseverance, endurance, and mutual encouragement was inspiring to all. 

The night was intended for a race, but included all sorts of fun. There was a bounce house, face painting, sidewalk chalk, and a rockin' DJ providing entertainment all evening. After the race, our teams enjoyed some great dancing together as they eagerly awaited the results of the race. Winners were awards some fabulous gift cards and a mug created by specially for them. 

We are so thrilled for all who attended and of course the winners, but it does feel like we were the real winners. As an organization we feel supported, encouraged, and lifted up by the event and all who attended & volunteered. Enjoy looking through some photos of the event and the many heroes in attendance. 


Michelle HumbleComment