Summer Together by Karla Dennis

Everyone’s favorite season is upon us! Summertime - of lazy days and fun adventures. We love summertime at Tiqvah. We have programming two days a week full of outdoor fun, group time, chapel, and even Performing Arts with Mr. Kelly.  One whole day a week is all about field trips!  We load up those vans and head out to an adventure! We went to Boettler Park yesterday and had a blast! The weather was perfect and the kids were excited to have the whole day playing outside. After we went on a bear hunt in the woods and ate our lunch, we spent the afternoon playing on their extensive playground. I was lucky enough to witness a new friendship blossom, a deep and genuine conversation between a child and one of our volunteers, one of our kids helping a child from another group there, and countless other snapshot moments of pure joy.  What is most pleasing is how at the end of the day the staff and volunteers are just as exhausted as the kids - because we play just as hard! I love that about our Tiqvah adults and their Tiqvah hearts! Summertime at Tiqvah is a little more slow paced and a little less structured which makes it a perfect environment to deepen the relationships between the kids and the adults. 

Relationships are at the core of who we are at Tiqvah. Relationships allow hope for a future to flourish. They encourage perseverance and growth. The best part is, both the student and adult generally experience these wonderful side effects. The impact is mutual. As our summer programming for kids kicked off, our parent group gathered to celebrate a student turned volunteer who graduated high school a few weeks ago. Sa'Mariyah will be heading to college in the fall and we wanted to celebrate these exciting happenings with her. That is what family does. We share wins and push one another on to more. The Tiqvah family is no different. Congratulations Sa'Mariyah! We are rooting for you!