Opportunity of a Lifetime by Michelle Humble & Karla Dennis

I will never forget the summer I worked with young children. It was harder work than, up to that point, I had ever done in my life. Being responsible for another human being can be overwhelming, especially when these humans are barely capable of caring for themselves. I remember telling a friend of mine after my summer leading the kindergarten room, “I am just not cut out to work with kids. It takes a special person and its just not me.” The irony in that statement years later still rings in my ears. I went on to help Tiqvah get off the ground, serve as  a children’s ministry director for five years, and substitute teach in Canton City Schools and Strasburg Local. You see, when working with kids was just a job to me, it was draining and overwhelming work. What allowed me to grow into years and years of working with children was putting on a different set of glasses. I didn’t have a job, I had an opportunity. I wasn’t just responsible for kids, I was gifted time and moments with them. Working with children doesn’t demand a special person, just a special way of seeing the work. Anyone can don these lenses. Anyone can learn the ins and outs of working with children, even children who’s lives you cannot relate to. But it is TOUGH work to wear new glasses. We are currently looking for some folks who are looking to see the opportunity in front of them to impact kids in their community.

We are hiring team leaders for the coming school year. Team leaders are not teachers. They are not parents, they are adults who love them, lead them, and demonstrate care for others.  A team leader is one who will spend the time to know a child and what makes them tick. Creating an environment and atmosphere of trust and respect will be a huge priority for the team leader.  What makes our program unique is the relationship we encourage our team leaders to have with their students. We keep our ratios low and offer opportunities for our kids and staff to know each other well. A team leader will also need to invest spiritually in the lives of their students. They will lead small group discussions and teach lessons about character from scripture. These people are the heart of our program. Without them, we would not be hands of HOPE. I guess more accurately, they are the outstretched HANDS. If this sounds appealing or strikes your interest, here are some important details to note:

  • Team Leaders work 26-30hrs a week
  • Requires good initiative, organizational, communication, & time management skills.
  • Visits to schools, calls and visits to parents, and van driving included in tasks. 
  • Hours of work will be mostly afternoon/evenings (after school) 
  • Must be willing to work as a team with other leaders and staff. 
  • Must be a Christ follower and active participant in personal spiritual development. 

We hope someone reading this will be inspired to take this opportunity and impact the life of a child. For more information, click the link below. It will send your information directly to Ms. Karla Dennis, our site director, to contact you with details.


Ms. Karla and her yellow team girls from when she was a team leader. She now holds the role of Site Director

Ms. Karla and her yellow team girls from when she was a team leader. She now holds the role of Site Director