Teachers by Lesley Doan


You’re the heart of every class room

The soul of every school.

The mind behind the message

That learning is cool.

Your patience and understanding

Cannot be undersold.

Your courage and commitment

Is that of legends told.

Each day you teach our children

Is a day to rejoice.

Because of you our children,

Will have their own voice.

So Thank You Dear Teacher

For passing knowledge

Through the years.

You thought you were merely teaching,

When you were eliminating fears.

Thank You!


We found this poem online with no known author, but we felt it put our appreciation for teachers into words nicely. It would be our hope that everyone has a teacher they remember; someone who went out of their way to make you feel special. Tomorrow is Teacher Appreciation Day and even though we appreciate our teachers all year long, we want to say a special thank you today. Our Tiqvah students have teachers at school who take time to communicate with us at Tiqvah and together we get to help each and every student who enters our program. To each and every teacher out there…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Please continue to show up everyday for our kids, support and love them! We appreciate you today and everyday!