Memorable Moments

As a kid I made many lasting memories. Some of the most fond were of pretty typical events. Happenings that took place like clock work. Dependable moments that my family and friends built in to my life. Often times with children, simple is more lasting and impactful than something extravagant. I remember the times of being taken to the store or consignment shop for my school clothes and getting to try on and model my new finds. Pizza Hut always had a good report card program for kids where you could bring in a good grade and get a free personal pan pizza! Simple joys but memorable none the less. 

One of the things we at Tiqvah have been able to do over the years is establish moments like this for our families. We know that it isn’t always easy to provide these resources for our loved ones, sometimes life gets in the way. We strive to remove as many roadblocks as possible for our families, to not just have the stuff they need but the experience to go along with it. Its one thing to shop for clothes, its another to feel loved in the process. 

For eight years (16 boutique events) our friend Ms. Teri has organized and executed the most amazing shopping events for our families. With her crew of volunteers and donors, our space becomes a well stocked store with clothing, stuffed animals, accessories, swim gear, coats, dresses, and shoes. Our kids go from table to table searching through the piles for something that fits them just right. Our girls show off dresses they found that fit perfectly and our boys brag about which new team jersey or pair of nike shoes they found. Our parents show up with lists of sizes for siblings, cousins, and friends. It is a joy to watch as needs are met and memories made. This event has become an irreplaceable part of our Tiqvah calendar and of our families’ lives. We are so grateful to have friends who make it all happen. 

The celebration continued this week for our kids who achieved success in the classroom. During our most recent staff meeting as we discussed which students were eligible this semester we realized that this may be the highest attended report card trip we have ever had in the spring. Spring time can be difficult for our students as the curriculum advances and those who were keeping pace before begin to fall behind. Even with our help, keeping up with the challenges can be difficult. This spring our students have shown us that they are determined to keep growing and learning despite challenges and we took them bowling to celebrate!

We had not really gone bowling with the kids before, and seeing as it was a student suggestion, we tried it out. Our kids LOVED it. We had the bumpers up to ensure our students experienced success in this new sport. Some friendly competitions between volunteers and students developed and many laughs ensued. Dinner and and dessert wrapped up an already fun evening. What a great way to celebrate our student's success! 

Thank you all for your prayers and support as we continue to impact our kids lives body, mind, and soul. We love making memories with our families and are grateful you all help make it happen.

Michelle HumbleComment