When you think of safety, there are some typical things that come to mind. A vault, security system, armed guards, locks, or a seat belt. In a world where safety is harder to come by, we believe wholeheartedly that it is of the utmost value to provide a safe place for our kids to the best of our ability. But safety doesn’t always look as described above. Physical safety is only one piece to a much larger and more complex puzzle. Safety is something we need emotionally and socially as well. 

This month our students are talking about kindness. This topic was already planned out before we knew how much our students would need reminded that treating others the way you want to be treated can not only help someone out but change someone’s life. This month’s topic coordinated nicely with the anti-bullying rally our students attended, put on by officer Lamar Sharpe, one of our speakers at our upcoming Evening of Hope. As they learned about the importance of treating others kindly and how it impacts their safety, suddenly the dots connected. Safety has to do with protecting our hearts not just our bodies. 

Our site director Ms. Karla walked room to room to talk to the students about bullying and recap what they had learned this month about kindness. One of our students proudly exclaimed,“It is up to us kids to keep all of our hearts safe by being kind.”

We are not always available to protect our students. Sometimes bad things happen at home, at school, or even with friends. At Tiqvah however, we will do our best to protect our kids’ hearts and promote safety. If you want to hear more about what that looks like consider coming to our Evening of Hope March 10th. More information and a link to reserve your spot can be found below. We hope to see you there!

Michelle HumbleComment