Stretching Our Impact by Michelle Humble

As a new mom, I am beginning to appreciate the unique need of having other moms in my life. Aside from the obvious questions and concerns we parents have, there are experiences that are sweetest when shared. I have been fortunate enough to have friends and groups to be a part of that have provided this support on my journey, and still find myself often times feeling like I need more. 

Our parents at Tiqvah are no different. They too want someone to celebrate their wins with. Questions are often heavy on their minds. Concern for their child’s well being and future need a place to be shared and heard. When we began Tiqvah eight years ago, it became clear that this was a need for our families. We began having dinners twice a year (which are still highly anticipated events on our Tiqvah calendar) for our families to come, see, and celebrate their child with other parents. As we saw relationships form and parents enjoying this time, we hatched the idea to have a group that meets more frequently. Over the years this group has changed and grown as the program has. But one thing remains the same, we provide a resource for our parents to come and know other parents, be encouraged, and know they have support at Tiqvah. As leaders, we know our impact is greater when we not only provide opportunities for our kids, but for their whole family. After all, the loudest voice in a kid’s life is their parent. Why compete when you can join the conversation?!

Some of the resources we provide through this program, lead by our founder Sarah Kropf, are special mom nights for self care, parenting discussions, dinners, and field trips for the family. This last get together we enjoyed an American themed dinner (we started doing themed dinners this year) featuring a beef roast, pizza, and baked potatoes. To counter our heavy meal options we discussed relaxation and health. The theme for the month was commitment. We discussed committing to healthy choices as a family, how we treat one another and our bodies. Concerns were shared about bullying and whether or not our kids are safe in their many environments. Ideas were shared on how to stay strong in teaching our children to care for others. We all agree this is important for our families as well as our Tiqvah family. We finished off the evening with yoga and stretching for the whole family. As we talked about how stretching can extend your life by five years and reduce anxiety, our moms became even more excited to learn the stretches.

To protect all of our participants (including myself) from the embarrassment photos online can bring; the photos below are from November’s group meeting where they made home decor with encouraging words, received massages, and shared a meal together. To all of you who help make these nights possible through your donations at our Celebration of Hope, THANK YOU!! We are so excited to be able to come alongside our families as we continue to impact the children of Canton!

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