Staff Spotlight: Ashley Ruppert, Team Leader

This is not a traditional staff spotlight. We generally ask several bio style questions to help you as the reader better understand the heart and passion of the staff member. But this weekend we had a staff member very near and dear to our hearts have a monumental occasion. Ms. Ashley married her long time love Dominic. We thought we would take this opportunity to lift her up and share what WE love about her and her passion. Ashley joined us five years ago as a team leader and still serves in that capacity. This year, she is our fourth grade team leader (purple team) and thrives in this setting. The example she sets as a mentor and leader has been an inspiration to many of our new staff members. When asked what came to mind when she thought of Ms. Ashley, Ms. Mariah said, “Who I want to be when I grow up”. She explained that she has always admired her at Tiqvah, but getting to hear her and Dominic commit to grow together and grow in their service to others as part of their wedding vows was an inspiration.

Ms. Karla and Ashely were hired around the same time and have worked together for these last five years. When asked what she loves about Ashley, Karla said, “…gives at least 150% everyday. She pours her whole heart and soul into the kids and her role in their lives.  I am not only lucky enough call her a friend but am honored to work with her.”

In order to come full circle, I felt it could be enlightening to gain the perspective of the one who hired her in the first place. Ms. Sarah, our founder, brought Ashley on five years ago and had this to say, “I admire her heart for families and how it has continued to develop all these years. I also really loved watching her and other staff really get into chapel and do the skits. She always made it engaging for the kids.”

Something that was evident in this weekend’s wedding festivities and in reflecting on the impact just ONE of our fabulous staff has had, is that Tiqvah truly is a family. Our staff, kids, parents, and volunteers are all part of the big picture. We celebrate together, support one another, and walk along side each other along life’s journey. Not only are we honored to call Ashley family, but we are thrilled to be able to see first hand the impact she makes on the daily basis. Congratulations Ashley and Dominic! Thanks for being part of the family!

Michelle HumbleComment