Cause for Celebration by Michelle Humble

Advent calendars around the world were being opened yesterday, trees were set up in their stands, and carols could be heard in homes everywhere. The Christmas season seemed to be made official yesterday. For all of our friends who joined us at Celebration of Hope, there was an extra cause for seasonal cheer. We were all blessed to experience first hand, joy from one of our very own Tiqvah families as they shared what hope and joy means to them and how they find it at Tiqvah. As I sat listening to the students, I have known and loved for most of their lives share, I couldn’t help but feel truly inspired and encouraged. Hope means they are excited for their future, they don’t have to be scared for what lies ahead, and they are loved. These are truths they have experienced with us at Tiqvah. Their mother joined us to express her gratitude to all those who make it possible for her kids to know these incredible truths at Tiqvah. Hearing her excitement for her kids and the opportunities available to them was awe inspiring. To round out the guest speaking, Shelia Mills from encompass ended our time by sharing how the role of counselors from encompass have influenced and encouraged Tiqvah programming for the better and have set our students up for a lifetime of success and hope. You couldn't be in the room without feeling the thrill of hope.

Based upon the response of our guests, they too felt excited by the sharing. There was some incredibly gracious giving that followed the speaking segment of the morning. Our guests mingled, chatted, and browsed the many options for giving that adorned our silver sparkly trees. So many people came to ask which tree housed the areas that had particularly moved them. “I have a passion for high school students, how do I give back in that area” “I met this student in my work at the school, may I sponsor him?” “How can I help meet some of these basic needs you mentioned?” Such great questions to answer as we kicked off the Christmas giving season.

We are incredibly thankful for all of you who have partnered with us whether it be yesterday or throughout the year making an impact in students lives. We pray that the experience would be as much an encouragement to you as it is to us. Enjoy some snap shots of yesterday’s excitement!

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