'Tis the Season by Michelle Humble

Now that the ghosts and goblins have hung up their masks, a new chill has filled the air. The sound of jingle bells, the sights of sugar plums, and the warmth that the Christmas season brings is palpable. Some are not as eager and are choosing to savor this season of thankfulness and enjoy some more pumpkin themed products before we give way to peppermint.

Whichever camp you find yourselves in, the one thing that is true of most, is that whether you are thankful or preparing for Christmas, you are also gearing up for giving. This is the time of year we begin to reflect and plan how we will choose to give in light of all WE have been given. Working for Tiqvah has allowed me opportunities-a-plenty to give back both financially and with my time and talents. For all of you who may not work or volunteer for us, we wanted to give you a quick glimpse of the many ways you could partner with us this season and give back right here in your community.

  1. Shop with Amazon Smile: If you are like most, online shopping has made this time of year infinitely less stressful. Now, the way you shop can do more good. Amazon Smile gives back a portion of your purchase to the non profit of your choosing. We would love it if you chose Tiqvah Hands of Hope as you shop.

  2. Facebook Fundraiser: Did you know ANYONE can raise money via facebook for a non profit. Simply write up a status and click the fundraiser button underneath. Type in our name and voila! You have set up a mini fundraiser to get your friends and family involved. Not only are YOU being generous, but you are giving others the chance to do so! How great of you!

  3. Celebration of Hope: I of course am quite partial to this option as it is the best of both worlds. You will get to hear from our kids and enjoy a delicious brunch, as well as, be presented with some tangible ways to make donations that support programming and dreaming for our future at Tiqvah. You can reserve your spot for this event on our events page or by clicking here.

  4. Year End Giving: If you plan to do some year end giving before the tax cut off, the simplest way to do that, aside from our event, would be to visit our give page and make your one time donation there. If it is easier, click here.

  5. Gifting a Gift: I have some difficult to shop for family members. They either have everything they need or are just low maintenance people who really don’t want a lot of things. These folks are perfect candidates for giving the gift of giving. You can either sponsor a child for them, make a one time gift in their name, or come to our event and donate there and receive an ornament of thanks to give to that person. This is a creative and thoughtful way to double your giving power this Christmas season.

I hope this giving guide has provided you with some great ideas for the coming weeks. If you should have any questions regarding these gift ideas, please comment or contact us through the website and we would be happy to assist you. May your Thanksgiving and Christmas season be warm and full of love.

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