Bumblebee Work Ethic by Karla Dennis

Looking at a bumblebee, it would appear there is no way that it should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its chubby little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway. This is an example of the perseverance we want to champion at Tiqvah. 

It is one of our traditions to go on field trips once a month.  Some of them are for good behavior, others are for those with good grades.  We have come to recognize though that some of our kiddos work really hard, always have their homework and stay focused and on task to finish it with us.  Yet their report cards do not reflect the hard work we see at Tiqvah.  We want reward these bumblebee-like students who are successful in our book!  So we have renamed our (formerly) Report Card Field Trip to Academic Bumblebee Field Trip. 

Last week we took our hard workers who defy their circumstances to Sky Max and Dairy Queen.  A few of our team leaders led an epic game of dodge ball on the trampolines, in another area we saw some flips and skills that amazed us, and everybody had fun in the new ninjamax obstacle course! At Dairy Queen we all enjoyed dinner and ice cream then broke out into an impromptu and loud performance of Go Tell It On the Mountain!!  Luckily the DQ was not very busy at the time, but the few who witnessed it were smiling ear to ear! 

Working hard and displaying kindness will always be rewarded at Tiqvah.  (Singing loudly in public is always optional 😏)

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