Staff Spotlight: Chanetta Yancey

Every year we enjoy introducing everyone to our incredible staff. Without them, our program would not be what it is today. Strong relationships are a resource we are proud to offer our students. We see first hand the difference it makes to have someone consistently pouring into their life throughout the year. As staff members grow in their knowledge and understanding of each child and their story, our services become more purposeful and impactful. This year we have several new faces on staff and we are excited to introduce one of them to you today.

Chanetta Yancey: Green Team Leader

1.How did you get started with Tiqvah?

When I was in high school there was a lady by the name of Sarah. She had began a program on Wednesday evenings and, I at the time, was so eager to help. Unfortunately, I was too young to drive myself, so I stopped coming and helping. Fast forward 10 1/2 years later. I'm on Facebook after having had a conversation with my husband of two days about finding a job with a cause. I worked for an awesome organization at the time but just felt like I was wasting my days helping a company and not people. I got a notification telling me that there was a new job posted in Canton, Ohio. I began to click it away because I didn’t even know Facebook even posted jobs. Instead, I clicked and it was a job from Tiqvah, and they were looking for team leaders. Immediately, the 15 year old in me that wished she could help was overwhelmed with joy. I sent over my resume, and within the hour Karla emailed me for an interview. Later that week I was offered a chance to go to the zoo with the kids. I enjoyed the kids so much that day, and now I get to see them daily. I am grateful God brought me full circle ten years later. I walk the halls and give hugs knowing where the program started and seeing where God has brought it now is one word: "Mind Blowing."

2. What do you do at Tiqvah?

I am the 5th grade team leader

3. What is your favorite part of Tiqvah and why?

When the children come in from school. They all come in running and overwhelm you with stories of their days at school. But all the love and hugs I get in that time and all the ones yelling "Ms. Netta" makes my day.

4. What motivates you to keep going on tough days?

Knowing that I am doing something bigger than myself. Also, my support system at home and other Tiqvah staff. 

5. What is one thing you wish people knew about Tiqvah?

How great our kids are. How awesome they are truly. We have future doctors, lawyers, fashion designers, coders and chefs. Everything that is done at Tiqvah shows our children that they can be anything. They pay attention to everything and soak it up like a sponge. Like their participation in different enrichments such as coding. I have 5th graders saying they want to make apps to help others someday!

6. What is one thing the kids would say if we asked them to tell us about you? 

I truly believe that eveyone is important. I tell my 5th graders daily "everyone is important". It doesn’t matter what they are wearing, smell like, whether they can do math , can read or what part of town they live in.  It’s not about that, it’s about the person. Oh and also that I can't sing, but I do ALOT!

As you can tell, our staff are the heart of our program. They make it possible to impact our kids body, mind, and soul. Thank you Chanetta for sharing your life with our Tiqvah Family!

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