Coming Alongside by Michelle Humble

I have been working with Tiqvah for as long as it has existed. One of the many joys of being the founder’s daughter. Over the years there are a collection of moments or experiences with the program that have become my favorite. I know what you are thinking, staff are not supposed to have favorite anything! It never fails that though I claim one moment as most beloved another one comes along and reminds me how many experiences with Tiqvah I cherish. The Clothing Boutique is for sure on my list of favorites. As I reflect about the now 17 boutiques we have hosted, I realize that the truly amazing and lovable part of this event is not just the giving, but the experience of coming alongside. This event is not a demonstration of our strength and giving power. It is not just another opportunity for us to give things away. This event allows us to empower our parents to meet the needs of their families. We get to be spectators of the love and care our families, team leaders, and volunteers share at Tiqvah. It is a true picture of the FAMILY of Tiqvah.

As I walked around with my camera, snapping photos of the joy on faces as they make the perfect find, I got to see 30 volunteers aiding children whose parents could not make it and making sure the space was set up beautifully. I saw parents sizing up their child and holding incredible finds up to insure the perfect fit. I saw moms telling their girls how beautiful they’d look in that dress. Team leaders laughing as they directed students to clothing who got distracted by the immense stuffed animal collection. I saw long time friends and new faces joining together to make one incredible experience. Most clearly, I saw and felt love. There is nothing greater than to come alongside love that is already growing and thriving, add to it, drink it in, and celebrate it. Join us in celebrating another boutique well done. We are thankful to Teri Dillon and her crew who put this together and the COUNTLESS clothing donors who provided the goods. Our staff and volunteers at Tiqvah did a wonderful job going with the flow on a special day and making it a wonderful experience for our kids. And of course, we are thrilled to have welcomed our parents, families, and friends of the community as they shopped and are thankful for allowing us to come alongside and be part of their story. Enjoy catching a glimpse of the day by viewing the slideshow below!

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