Celebrate! by Michelle Humble

There are so many causes for celebration in life. There are of course the most notable occasions; Easter, Christmas, Fourth of July, birthdays, etc. New parents enjoy the celebration of firsts. Baby’s first steps, smile, laugh, haircut, sneeze. You name it, new parents are generally the most likely to celebrate it. Businesses often celebrate successful employees and their many milestones. Schools rejoice over a much needed victory over a rival. Teens become ecstatic over the newfound freedom a license and car provide or upon receiving a new phone. All of these events and occasions are verifiable causes for celebration.

At Tiqvah, we encounter so many reasons to celebrate that we decided several years ago to design an event for our friends to join in the fun. Our kids are extraordinary. They have a great ability to find joy in the every day and even in the adverse situations they encounter. We created Celebration of Hope to showcase the many ways our students find joy and hope. Specifically we allow them to share the ways they get to experience that at Tiqvah. Why keep it to ourselves? Last year we all laughed and smiled as so many of our students agreed that we share the best meals in the city! We also experienced the excitement of hearing how much our students look forward to seeing specific people, namely their team leaders and Ms. Karla, when they come to Tiqvah.

As we gear up for the coming holiday season, we could think of no better way to draw our attention to the meaning of it all. Hope. Hope found in Christ at Christmas; but also the hope we can provide to others.

If you would like to join us this year and start your Christmas season off right, reservations are available now. Click the link below to reserve your spot for brunch, delightful hot chocolate, and of course the merriment of hearing hope lived out.

Celebration of Hope

December 1st, 2018 at 9:30a in the Glenmoor Country Club

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