Open House

Have you ever been so excited about something you just had to tell others? As you begin explaining yourself you begin to realize that it may not be as clear in words as it is in your minds. This is an experience most staff members and volunteers of Tiqvah are quite familiar with. We do so much during programing and offer numerous opportunities for our kids and families. The best way to really get the whole picture is to see it in action. 

We are so thankful to our new and some familiar friends who made it out for our open house earlier this week. Taking the opportunity to see what it is our staff and volunteers rave about is something we are grateful you chose to do. If you are reading this lamenting a missed opportunity, never fear. There will be many more opportunities to come and check us out. Should you be wanting to volunteer or get involved, that would be a quick way to get a tour and introduced to our program. Our next volunteer training will be October 21st from 2-3:30p at Tiqvah. If you are interested in joining us please contact our site director, Karla, at 

As you look ahead at your calendar be sure to mark down our upcoming events; Celebration of Hope and Evening of Hope. These are great opportunities to hear what we are all about, meet some of our students and staff, and enjoy a wonderful atmosphere at the same time. Reservations are already available for our Celebration of Hope held at Glenmoor Country Club on December 1st. Visit our website and click on the “Events” tab to get more details and make your reservations. 

Michelle HumbleComment