Staff Spotlight: Tig Held

Welcome to the new year! 2018 is off to a great start at Tiqvah. Programming started back up this cold blustery week and we were thrilled to see our kiddos after a long break. Keep checking back here at the blog to see updates on the many fun things coming up in our Tiqvah family. To get the blog ball rolling this new year, we are doing another staff spotlight. Keep reading to get to know our fantastic green team leader, Ms. Tig. 

  1. How did you get started in Tiqvah? I started volunteering last February one day a week. I really enjoyed working with the kids and my days turned into two or three times a week. I became “hooked” with the program in no time.

  2. What do you do now at Tiqvah? I am currently the team leader for the green room with our 3rd graders.

  3. What is your favorite part of your Tiqvah day? Why? One of my favorite parts is when they first enter the room for the start of the day and say, “Hi Miss Tig!" That simple smile of joy as we start the day and asking me what will be on the schedule for Tiqvah.

  4. What motivates you to keep going on tough days? The bottom line of knowing that Tiqvah is a second family for our kids and they are safe. They are part of a program that gives them hope when having a bad day or tough times, and love when they need nurturing and encouragement. 

  5. What is one thing you wish people knew about Tiqvah? When they hear the name Tiqvah the first thing that should pop in their head is LOVE. Love of God we share with our kids and the amount of love we have for our kids/families involved with Tiqvah.

  6. If we asked the kids to tell us something about you, what would they say? I have a phrase that I say, “I wasn’t born yesterday”. It is true! They can recite it when I have that look on my face because I have heard of something they don’t think I know anything about.

Thanks for learning a little more about Tiqvah and our incredible green team leader Ms. Tig. If you learned nothing else, remember what Ms. Tig would love for you to know about us; our love. 

Michelle HumbleComment