Good grades, good times! by Karla Dennis

Yesterday was our elementary age Report Card Field Trip.  What does that look like exactly? That means that the children who have excelled at school with good marks on their report cards were rewarded with two games of Laser Tag and CiCi’s Pizza! We had 30 students earn the trip this time, which is about 80% of our kiddos!  The kids had a blast, but the Team Leaders were all smiles as well! The staff work hard to help the kids with their homework, but that is only a small piece of how we offer the children educational support. 

We have team leaders that volunteer in the schools; in the classrooms, in the cafeteria, even on the playground to learn as much as they can about our students and their days at school.  Our staff are often texting parents, teachers, intervention specialists, and principals to best support each child. The more we know, the more we can help. Not to mention our volunteers, they are such blessings as they often allow for one-on-one help during homework time. 

Then, when the report cards come out, we are as excited as the children themselves! Helping these children to reach academic success is something we know to be very powerful.  It offers hope.  It offers an opportunity to feel achievement. It challenges their norm. We definitely want to celebrate that! 

So we load up our fleet, lovingly known as Big Red, Pearl and Papa Smurf and we set off for an adventure….Tiqvah Style!

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