Staff Spotlight: Summer time well spent.

It is a common misconception in the education world that teachers only work part of the year and have incredible summer breaks. You only have to know a teacher so long before you realize quickly that A: Most work on things in the summer B: There job commitment during the year is enough to justify a summer break C: Their love and care for the children is a full time thing. 

At Tiqvah we have summer programming but it ends by August. Many have speculated like the above comments,  "their leaders are so lucky to have a big break in August!" This blog is to give you all a peek into this nice break our staff are having and explain some of the things they are doing with their time. 

1. Staff Training: Our staff have been undergoing some intensive training these last few weeks. They have received training from our own administration about the ins and outs of Tiqvah and the culture we work with. We were also fortunate enough to receive some training from the Encompass Christian Counselors we partner with about the impact trauma has on our students. This information will be so beneficial as we seek to impact children's lives body, mind, and soul. 

2. Room Prep: Our team leaders and site director have been busy cleaning and preparing the rooms our kids will be spending their time in. They are looking great!! Want to see? There is an open house coming soon! October 4th 4:30-6:30pm mark your calendars!

3. Enrolling: Our staff have been making their rounds... literally. They are driving from family to family getting our students enrolled and ready for a new year. It is often some of the favorite parts of summer for our staff. Catching up with our families at their home is such a special time. 

These are a few examples of the incredible work happening right now as we prepare to welcome students. Speaking of our kids, they will be back this Tuesday!!! You will be hearing more from us on that soon. Pray for a great first day back!

Our team leaders and Site Director:  (left to right) Mr. Chad (Jr High boys), Ms. Tig (3rd Grade), Ms. Ashley (4th-5th Grde), Ms. Karla (Site Director), Mr. Tré (1st-2nd Grade) 

Our team leaders and Site Director: (left to right) Mr. Chad (Jr High boys), Ms. Tig (3rd Grade), Ms. Ashley (4th-5th Grde), Ms. Karla (Site Director), Mr. Tré (1st-2nd Grade) 

Not Pictured: Ms. Elaine (Food Coordinator) Ms. Michelle (Communication Director) Ms. Lesley (Executive Director)

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