Staff Spotlight: Karla Dennis, Site Director

When you hear about Tiqvah you often are told stories of our students and how incredible they are. You hear how many overcome all sorts of obstacles and achieve greatness at school, in play, or even socially. Our children are always demonstrating growth. Those stories don't just appear out of thin air. We have a staff, a group of gifted and compassionate folks, who LOVE our kids. They make it their business to know what makes them tick, how things are going at school and home, and to think deeply about the personal growth they see in each student. When we share stories of success, it is only because of the work and love poured out from each of our staff members. Each one's job and responsibilities vary, but all have a lasting impact on our families. This is what birthed the Staff Spotlight idea. This will give you a unique view of each staff member, what they do at Tiqvah, and the impact they get to be part of. 

Today we start Ms. Karla, our site director. 

How did you get started being involved with Tiqvah? "I started at Tiqvah as a volunteer running coach/gym leader."

What is your role now at Tiqvah? "I am now the site director after being the yellow team leader for 3 years."

What is your favorite part of the day at Tiqvah and why? "One of my favorite parts of the day is when the kids get off the busses.  They are so full of energy and so happy to be here!  They are a loud, smiling, dancing  cloud of crazy and I love it! "

What motivates you to keep going on tough days? "Remembering why I am here gets me through any kind of tough day.  I am part of a team that creates hope for these kids.  We offer a new reality. When I witness children demonstrating Christ’s love to one another, helping a friend or offering a kind word, or when I see the lightbulb go on when working on math homework, I know that we are making a difference in a life and that is all the inspiration I need."

What is one thing you wish people knew about Tiqvah? "I wish people knew the faces and stories of Tiqvah.  The countless volunteers, the children, the families, the staff…..  Together we are Tiqvah."

If we asked the kids to tell us something about you, what would they say? "I think the children would say 'Miss Karla can’t dance!'  (They know this because they witness it all the time! 😜)"

This beautiful soul is Ms. Karla, our site director. 

This beautiful soul is Ms. Karla, our site director. 

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