TFG: Tiqvah Family Group

If you've ever been or known a parent you know that sometimes the biggest need isn't something tangible. There are moments in parenting when the most helpful resource is simply someone to come alongside you and say, "yea, I get it. I've been there". 

Our parent group has times of great attendance and time where its hard to get everyone together. Regardless of what season it is in, it is obvious that this desire for community is in all of us. Even the simplest of nights together proves to be fun and refreshing. 

Last night was our first night together this school year. There were tacos, chips, a sombrero, and painted rocks. Not to mention the dancing. But mostly, it was just the time together to catch up and meet some new friends that had everyone smiling. Join us in praying for our year with our families. We minister to kids and that is our primary goal, but we know that it is incomplete if our parents are not part of the equation. We get the kids for 9 hours a week; they get them for life. Whether it's an event like this or the many texts and phone calls we make with our families; pray we are encouraging and available for them all. 

Michelle HumbleComment