Summer Fun at Tiqvah! by Karla Dennis

I am sure that when you think summer there are certain things that come to mind. Playing outside with friends, lemonade, swimming, and the kick off of fall sports like football and cheerleading. Well we are getting to see these summer classics happen for our students! 

Last week we met our friends from Blue Storm Athletics (a competition gymnastics/cheer team) at the Canton Garden Center for some outdoor fun.  We first went exploring through the water and over the hills. Then the athletes impressed us with their talents!  They even taught us some basic cheer skills, they threw us and held us up high, it was amazing. We enjoyed our picnic lunch in the shade of a big tree and played Ships & Sailors. This game never ceases to amaze me. It is all about listening carefully to instructions. Our kids demonstrate how good they can be at that difficult skill. All in all it was a great summer day!  The weather was amazing, the athletes so friendly and fun….God is Good!



This week we all went to the Massillon Recreation Center to swim.  It was a cool summer day, so we were glad to be inside!  We had so much fun just playing around in the lazy river or playing water basketball, and of course the slides! We were blessed to have a friend from The Coffee Cup Restaurant bring us piping hot mac and cheese for lunch! 

We are about half way through summer programming, lots of good times yet to be had! Speaking of good times we are having; if what you are hearing about and seeing looks exciting to you and you'd like to get involved we have a few great ways to do that. 

1. You can sign up to volunteer!

2. You can prepare meals in the fall.

3. You can apply to be a team leader for us in the fall. 

(Thats right! We are HIRING. For more info please use the contact button above and we will get with you for more information)




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