Family Focus

Family is a word that provokes many emotions. For some, those are centered around joy, happiness, and warmth. For others, family brings a lot of drama, frustration, or messiness. Regardless of where you fall most often, you have probably experienced the whole array of family moments. At Tiqvah, we like to encourage and promote the idea of family. Whether it is by hosting our families for dinner and a celebration of their students accomplishments like we did last week; or by creating a warm family like atmosphere during programming; family is important to us. We love to watch our students grow through the program and develop more and more capabilities of serving one another, loving others, and demonstrating the ability to make wise choices. I watch students go out of their way to help each other. I have seen what could have been a fight over a game turn into a celebration for the winning team. And though that isn't ALWAYS the case, as with any family, there can be drama. The days we see it thrive are some of our staff's most memorable days.

Our team leaders become like family to our kiddos. They cheer them on not just academically but in life. As we head into summer programming in June, one way you can be praying for us is that we could maintain that family-like connection with our students. It can be difficult as we see them less and some students are unable to commit to summer programming. Our staff often go out of their way to connect with those we don't see as often. Sometimes its attending birthday parties, hosting cook outs for parents and kids, or even just stopping by some afternoon to see what they are up to. Pray that we would get a lot of these opportunities this summer and as we end the school year in the coming weeks. 

Michelle HumbleComment