Clothing Boutique Fun!

For those of you who have been around Tiqvah awhile you know that twice a year an incredible team of volunteers lead by Teri Dillon come to our facility and set up a shopping paradise for our kids and families. The students get a chance to dig through an awesome collection of clothes, accessories, books, toys, shoes, and more to gather items for themselves and oftentimes family members who could not make it. After our students shop with the help of our incredible volunteers, families in the community come and shop as well. Our families pay $5 to shop and take as much as they want. We love getting to connect with our families, have fun shopping and picking out fun outfits together, and supporting one another. We could not be more thankful for Teri and her crew and their commitment to this event. We have seen so many families come through this program and benefit from it. Thank you Teri and volunteers! 

Michelle HumbleComment