Thank You!

We recently had the honor of hosting our annual event, Evening of Hope. We were so excited as we planned. We welcomed our kids back to the event to show off their talents as well as their beautiful artwork being up for auction. When it comes to a fundraiser, most organizations are most looking forward to the financial benefits that follow. And though that was definitely on our mind, we were constantly reminded throughout the evening that regardless of what came financially, this event was a success because we got to watch our children's joy overflow and touch the faces of all who attended. We got to watch as some of our students who have many struggles that often get in the way of them fully enjoying activities, shine and emit such joy. As I watched the students mingle and chat with our friends, I couldn't help but celebrate some wins that many in attendance may not have even realized. I celebrated as I watched one of our students who has a history of abuse and typically is shy and timid come out of her shell and introduce herself to folks. I watched as another student who lost her mother to an overdose smiled and laughed as she danced her heart out on stage. So whether you purchased items or not, your presence at our event was a huge encouragement to us and our students. If you were unable to attend our event and are inspired to get involved, I would like to invite you to visit our give page for more ways to contribute. 

Keep coming back to this blog as programming continues and more updates on the happenings of our kiddos will be posted! 

Michelle HumbleComment