Evening of Hope

Have you ever tried to define hope? It is tricky. You see, hope deals in the unseen, intangible, abstract ideas. Things that have not yet come to pass but that you have every reason to believe they will. It turns out that term is not just difficult for adults to make concrete but also for children. However, OUR kids at Tiqvah are LIVING examples of hope even if they do not yet know it. When you ask one of our students what they hope for you may receive a myriad of answers; to be a gymnast, love, to be famous, to be a teacher, peace, etc. However, when you ask them HOW they will achieve these hopes and dreams they have plans. They know that even against certain odds, they CAN reach these destinations. The possibilities are endless for our kids. 

March 18th is the night we showcase that truth, celebrate it, and ask for your partnership in it. What can you expect from the event should you choose to attend? 

  1.  Entertainment: Our students and their leaders will showcase their talents in dance, singing, speaking, and fine arts. 
  2. Food: A fantastic meal complete with dessert will be served. 
  3. Great Venue: Enjoy the beauty of Canton's own cultural arts center.
  4. Opportunities: Weather you bid on a silent auction item, purchase artwork, sponsor a child, donate, or simply reserve your spot at the event; you have taken an opportunity to give back to this incredible program and provide HOPE to a child in Canton. 
  5. A Celebration: Expect a fun and lively atmosphere with music and laughter, because after all, you don't work with these kiddos and not want to celebrate all their accomplishments. 

Please be sure to make your reservations for the event NOW on our events page

Not able to attend but still want to get involved? Please visit our give page or our get involved for more opportunities! 

See you March 18th!!! 

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