Go Cavs!

We have had an incredible month! Our celebration of hope went so well, we've had delightful events for our kiddos, and we have had friends bless our program in numerous ways. We are going to be spending the month sharing all about these incredible happenings here on the blog, so check back often. To get the ball rolling, here is a break down of our Cavs game trip that was so generously given to us by Aultman. Enjoy Lesley's write up of this exciting night for our boys. 

Kyzai and Karron were dropped off at Tiqvah Tuesday night, "Ms Karla we are here!! Mom said you have a surprise for us, are we going to a Sky Zone?!?"

Ms. Karla responded, "Oh boys you need to think bigger than that!!"

Super excited boys responded, "are we going to a Canton Charge game???"

"Dream BIGGER!!" Ms Karla prompted. 

The light bulb moment happened at once and both boys started jumping up and down, eyes as big as saucers and they screamed, "NO WAY!!! We're going to a Cavs game?!?"

This was just the beginning of our night on Tuesday. Thanks to Aultman we were able to take three cars full of super excited Tiqvah boys to see the Cavaliers beat Miami Heat. With four chaperones and 14 boys we made the trip to Cleveland. There was so much excitement and anticipation as we finally got to the arena. Once we got to our seats the excitement only grew. They pointed out and named each player, they were out of their seats making noises and cheering on the Cavs. It was by far one of the best nights I've had with these boys. None of our Tiqvah boys have ever been to a Cavs game nor would they probably ever get that chance. We can't thank Aultman enough for allowing us to have such a memorable moment with these boys. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 


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