Let Your Light Shine by Karla Dennis

What a difference a little sunshine can make!  As I sit here writing, Mr. Sun has come out to play and is displaying beautiful shadows across my floor,  the plants on my windowsill and the tree in the yard.  What excellent reminders of God’s unfaltering grace.  I admit I have been a little out of sorts this past week with the time change and the lack of sunshine.  The seemingly constant rain made it difficult for me to go out for my morning walks, I missed my daily dose of vitamin D!  I countered the effects with the mindfulness techniques Miss Marcy, our  Tiqvah yoga instructor teaches us. 

So…. it was no surprise to me that our kiddos had a little bit of a rough week.  We had more tears, and more office referrals than usual. They were unable to go outside to play at school or at Tiqvah due to the rain, so we had a lot of pent up energy!  Our Team Leaders did an excellent job of being prepared and creative with extra activities that saved the days. I witnessed such patience, empathy and flexibility.  Kids were doing math with Miss Ashley in the pillow corner,  two kids were working on homework lying on my floor! We try very hard to always get all homework done to lighten that burden for the parents.  We also gather the children’s report cards from the schools so we can see in what areas they are struggling and where they may benefit from extra help.  

The children with good grades and behavior marks on their recent report cards were rewarded with a field trip on Saturday. We love to celebrate the hope that good grades offer for their futures.  We started off with some super yummy pizza at our favorite Papa Bears Pizza Oven, then onto the Malone/Walsh football game! We learned a few cheers on Thursday when our friends the Malone cheerleaders came to visit, then we got to try them out at Tom Benson Stadium.  Even though it was a cold afternoon, the children had a great time.  

It is always so good to see God’s grace show up when we need it most. Even in darkness He provides light. This season as you are looking for ways to see and celebrate hope, consider doing so with us THIS weekend at our Celebration of Hope event at Glenmoor Country Club. The link below will give you all the info you need to purchase your reservations to this incredible event where you will get a wonderful breakfast and hear about hope straight from our kiddos and staff. Click below for reservations. 

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