Seeing the Need by Michelle Humble

I was a 19 year old student when I began to sponsor a three year old little girl from the Dominican Republic. Her name is Genesis. My university often held events that featured child sponsorship, I picked up her card at one of those events. Most of the presentations boasted of the work our money would help with in remote third world countries where the need was great, both physical and spiritual. Moved by the unmet needs, I committed what little funds I had to help this precious child.

When I graduated and returned home to Canton, I was part of the start of Tiqvah Hands of Hope with my mother. As we worked tirelessly to recruit volunteers, apply for grants, and get the word out there about what we were trying to do for the kids in the city of Canton, it became clearer that communicating the needs our kids had was not going to be as straightforward as what I heard as a young college student and the needs of children world wide.. Why was this so different? Why was it hard for people to understand that need could exist in our own back yard? 

I believe it is because so often the experiences of these children looks nothing like our own experiences. It is sometimes hard to believe that circumstances could be so different so close to home. I now realize that it is actually similar to my experience of hearing about Genesis for the first time. I knew very little about the Dominican Republic, I had no idea what her world was like. I had to be told her story and see her with my own eyes. Once I heard and saw, I couldn't HELP but take action. I was thrilled my money was doing something to help a child in need of resources. 

This realization is how our sponsorship program was born. Inviting someone to pray for and support an individual student has a huge impact on both the student and the sponsor. Helping to build and nurture that relationship is one of our passions here at Tiqvah. One of the ways we do that is by communicating stories.

Our kids may not look like the cards of third world children, but they are in need of resources to defeat the cycle of poverty just the same. They need told they are valuable.. Their parents need to know they have cheerleaders on their side who want to see them SUCCEED. There is nothing better than celebrating with a parent as they make positive strides for their family. These are some of the resources we provide with your help. For more information on sponsorship click below. I realize I am biased; but our kids are so beautiful, both inside and out. Nothing would please me more that to share a story with you.

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