School Shopping and Giving Back

I am sure if you are a parent, grand parent, aunt, or anyone who has contact with children; you have been made aware that the start of school is almost upon us. Here at Tiqvah we have been gearing up for that as well. Our new space is nearly finished being painted and our team leaders are planning and preparing to meet their students. We know that we are not the only ones with lists of things to do before school begins. There are supplies you are purchasing and you may even be exploring ways to give back to your community in lieu of school starting. 

There are so many opportunities in the area that we thought it may be helpful to point out some that exist right here with Tiqvah Hands of Hope! 

1. Amazon Smile: If you are like many of us these days, ordering supplies, groceries, and other random finds from Amazon is a regular occurrence. If using amazon for school shopping is on your list or even part of your weekly ritual; consider using Amazon Smile and support Tiqvah.  Below is a link to do just that! 

2. United Way: Many folks in stark county choose to give their donation to the great program United Way. If you choose to give through this organization, you can also designate that gift to go straight to Tiqvah from United Way. As a community partner, they distribute designated donations as they arrive. So while in the donation process look for Tiqvah Hands of Hope on the list or simply place our name on the designation line for your donation. 

3. Give through our website: If you are looking for an educational service to invest in to celebrate the start of the school year; you can do that right here on our site. You can choose to give financially or your time. To give financially, read through the many ways to do that at our give page located on the navigation bar above. If you are interested in giving your time and investing in the life of a child, click on the 'get involved' button on our navigation bar. 

Michelle HumbleComment