Together we RUN! by Michelle Humble: Communication Director

This past week was our annual 5k fundraiser! What a fun event! We had twice as many runners and twice as much fun. A DJ, glow sticks, patriotic costume competition, a quality course, and even more quality competitors/supporters made for a great evening. As I stood in the midst of the event I could not help but realize that not only is this a fun way for TIQVAH to spread awareness and raise funds, but it is also such a cool picture of what it is that we do. 

You see we are all running a race right now. Even those of us who are not really able to RUN physically are involved in this race we call life. You have heard this analogy before. It is used in the Bible, it is used in hollywood movies, and epic novels. The thing of it is, sometimes races can be HARD. The course at Stark State has some pretty big hills. They can be hard to get up when you are hot and tired. As I watched our racers approach these spots there were many who pushed through with the help of a running mate or with cheers from our awesome volunteers. 

At TIQVAH we are running the race of life with our families and them with us. It is our joy to cheer each other on up the hills and celebrate together at the straightaways. One of our moms mentioned that we are like a second family. Another family said we are part of their village; you know it takes one to raise a child. The best part, is that our families have just as positive an impact on us as staff. My husband and I are expecting our first child soon. That is one BIG hill in our race. One of my families brought me THREE bins of baby clothes she collected from friends and family to help me out. That is what I call partnering. Coming along side. Running together. 

To those of you who donated, ran, supported, volunteered, or even prayed for us from home; we are grateful. You are making it possible for these relationships to grow and benefit all involved. You are helping more students to be mentored, families to get involved, and staff to be available for it all. Without you, what we do could not be possible. 

Please keep up with us on Facebook and this blog for more info on coming events and other ways you can partner with us at TIQVAH Hands of Hope! 

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