Summer is all about fun in the sun and this year we have a lot planned to enjoy the sunshine. Our theme for our summer programing is Move: Get moving to share the gospel. We will be encouraging our students to get moving through our days on site covering a bible lesson, application activities, and service projects. We will also really be encouraging our students to get moving physically. On July 8th we have our annual 5K Race which we love to have our students participate in. In order to get them ready for the race we practice running or walking for a duration with our kids while they are on site. In addition we will be encouraging healthy activity through our field trip opportunities. Weather permitting we will be visiting Boettler Park for a game day, Tuscora Park for swimming, and First Tee for a day of golf. Each of these presents an opportunity for our kids to enjoy the sun while also reinforcing that their activity is important. 

Not only is our programming with our students all about moving but our staff will be working on moving as well. We are excited to announce that we will be working on moving to Christ Presbyterian Church on Tuscarawas St throughout the summer. We have so greatly enjoyed our time at St Paul’s Episcopal and look forward to how we can maintain a relationship with them. This past school year we faced the challenge of expanding the number of students we serve, in taking on more consistent students we came to the realization that we were pushing the limits of our space. The new location will allow for us to maintain this growth in a more comfortable setting while also creating another relationship with members of the Canton community. As we move we will have a variety of serving opportunities available including physically moving supplies, acquiring new equipment, painting, and prayer for our new space and new relationships. If you are interested in helping with our first step in moving, we could use assistance in gathering cardboard boxes to pack supplies. We look forward to all the exciting activity we have coming and will keep updates coming.