Welcome to the Tiqvah Blog!

We are so happy you have visited our site and hope you found it helpful! If you aren't looking for something specific but really want to know more about the day to day life of our program, you are in the right spot. This blog will be updated regularly about all aspects of our program.

The three contributors to this blog are myself; Michelle Humble. At Tiqvah I wear many hats. This year I have been a team leader, dance teacher, donor and staff developer, and administrative assistant. Our Site Director, Karissa Pluck will also be a frequent contributor to the blog. She works as the "principal" figure at our site as well just a friend and mentor to our kids and staff. Lastly, our founder and executive director Sarah Kropf will be contributing as well. She will keep you updated on Tiqvah in the news and big events for our partners to celebrate with us. 

I hope you plan to join us back here as updates are posted! 

Michelle Humble