Sponsor a Child

Donating $50 a month is considered co-sponsorship. If you choose to co-sponsor a child, you are not required to find someone to be the other co-sponsor, however if you do have someone interested you can both sign up for the same student. A $100 a month commitment is considered a full sponsorship. Sponsoring a child is rewarding for both the sponsor and the child. The impact your support makes is so much more than food and shelter. This partnership provides an opportunity for spiritual and emotional security.  In other words; hope. As a sponsor, here are some ways we invite you to get involved:

  • Write to your child.
  • Sign up to volunteer at Tiqvah.
  • Pray for your child.
  • Come to our Christmas and Spring dinners to see your child perform and enjoy dinner with our students.
  • Receive invites to special events like program tours, connect events, and team trainings.  
  • Attend and contribute to our annual fundraising events (5k in the summer and dinner in the spring)

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Giving to Tiqvah

As a non profit organization (501c3); donating is not just beneficial to our program but to you as well. While assisting us maintain a quality program you also receive the tax benefits of giving to a non profit organization. Here at TIQVAH your money contributes to:

  • Providing Mentors for Students
  • Food Availability for Snack and Dinner 
  • Supplies for the Classrooms
  • Incentive Field Trips for Behavior and Grade Achievements 
  • Administrative & Staff Needs

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