Tiqvah Hands of Hope started fall 2009 and was modeled after a program in Chicago serving one of its most impoverished neighborhoods. With the goal of impacting children's lives body, mind, and soul; Tiqvah began developing relationships in the S.E. community center and helping students get homework done, meals fed, and of course enrichment opportunities provided. When we began to out grow not only the space at the community center but also a local church, we knew we had also outgrown serving only the south east. TIQVAH opened at its previous facility, St Pauls Episcopal Church in 2012 and began offering services to families we already had relationships with but moved to a new neighborhood. Soon, we were offered a partnership with the school district. They began bussing the children to us from 15 different schools. We continued to add to our programming and attendance and soon found need for yet another move.  Now in our current home, Christ Presbyterian, we are still serving Canton City Schools and loving our families. 

Current Programs and Services

We offer mentoring, tutoring, enrichment classes (art, drumming, dance, science, cultural awareness, and more) and character development. Specifically, the services our program provides for local families include but are not limited to:

  • Nutritious family style meal each day three days a week.
  • Personal hygiene opportunities so children can brush teeth daily and receive other products they need.
  • Physical Education that includes dance, calisthenics, running, jump rope, basketball, and more.
  • Character development curriculum based on biblical principles to aid in the development of wise decision making skills.
  • A clothing boutique for our students and their families.
  • Meals for our students and families at Christmas and end of the school year.